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Related article: Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 22:12:40 EDT From: Subject: After The End-Part IVThis story is a work of fiction(obviously). If you are under 18, get out now. All night Rob was with Crystal, I heard nothing from her room, and he never came out and told me how she was doing or anything. In the meantime I lay on the couch, sleep impossible, breathing in the scent she had left behind, crying because I was afraid it would Bbs Lolitas Pics be all I had left of her. Eventually, the exhaustion of tending to Crystal all day came down on me, and slept finally took me. I dreamed that night. I dreamed that I kneeled on a lump of dirt, where underneath my one true love lay. I just sat there on my knees, eyes closed, on top of the mound of fresh dug soil. Tears occasionally making there way down my cheek. I lay on the grave, dying, dying.....until my skeloton lay on top of the soil, and all was lost. Then I was shaking, and someone was calling..... I woke with a start to Rob shaking me and calling my name. "Jamie! Are you awake?" I sat up so suddenly he was startled himself. "How is she?" I demanded immediatly. He took a deep breath. "Well, I did get her temperature down a little. Enough to keep her alive. I've treated her with medicine that can be used for radiation poisoning, but she had it so long before treatment....." He trailed and looked at me sadly. "She had it for hours, and it was intense. I've done all I can, but it's hard to tell if she'll live or not. All we can do now is hope." Hope. The word had meant nothing to me for the Bbs Lolitas Pics last six months, I had given it up. I had accepted that I couldn't be saved, that I was doomed to live alone and in torture until the day my miserable life ended. I had been wrong. Crystal had saved me. She'd shown me that hope was worth it, there was always some to be found, even if it could not be soon. And I had to have some now. I had to hope for her, because I knew I could save her if I did. I had hope. "Thank you," I said. "Thank you so much. Could I...." Rob looked in my eyes. "Go ahead. She wants to see you." He was beginning to understand what feelings were between us. I gave him a hug, and then went up the stairs. Slowly I opened the door to her room and peeked inside. Her eyes were open. She was waiting for me. "Come in," she said quietly, her voice still faint. I stepped into her room. Medical instruments were strewn around on the table, I ignored them and sat down on the chair next to her bed. She wasn't trembling anymore, but she was still sweating. I touched her forehead, she wasn't burning, but still hot. She might have been dying, but her eyes were clear and bright, the way they were when I first saw her up close. i didn't know what to say. But she did. "Hi," she said. "Hi," I replied weakly. "I missed you." I laughed. I don't know why. "I missed you more." "I'm sorry." Then I remembered when she had said that before. I thought it was just part of the delerium, but she really meant it. "Why? For what?" "I love you." All the sadness I was feeling disappeared; This was what true love felt like, when I had found out that the woman I had adored more than anyone else felt the same way about me. My joy at that moment was endless. There was no more fear or doubt. "Crystal....I love you much." "I know." She took a deep breath. "But i'm sorry to both of us...because soon i'll be gone..and I just fell in love with you....i've never been in love before..." "Me neither," I breathed. It was true. "I'm sorry I have to die...I don't want to.." "Then don't believe it. You have to have hope. And even if you don't, theres always some there." She coughed harshly, an awful sound. "How do you know?" "Because I never did, but I got it anyway." I took her hand. "And now I have more than ever before. Please believe with me." She gave my hand a weak squeeze. "I believe in you. I'll believe with you." We were crying together again. I wiped her tears away gently, then brushed her hair back from her eyes, leaned forward and kissed her forehead sweetly, pressing my lips to her skin, hopefully giving her even a little bit of pleasure. "I love you," I whispered. "Don't die." She scooted her head over so there was more room on the pillow. I placed my head on it next to hers, and we both slept then. For me, I know some visions danced around my head while I slumbered, but I did not remember them when I awoke. Rob woke me up in the evening. I glanced over and saw that Crystal was still asleep. I lifted my head from her pillow and Rob said, "I need to give her some meds. Could you wait for me downstairs? I just want to talk to you." I nodded sleepily and left the room quietly, shutting the door. A few minutes later, I was downstairs on the couch with my thoughts again, and looked up as Rob came back down the stairs, looking at me. "Hi," I said. I was a little nervous, what did he want to talk to me about? "Hey," he replied. "I just wanted to ask you..and please don't be offended, I don't mean it, you.." he paused. "..have feelings for Crystal?" "Yes." My reply was immediate. "I love her." His eyes widened. "But she said she only got here the day before yesterday..did you know her before the end of the world?" "No." "But...that means you've only known her for less than two days! How can you be in love?" "I don't know. I don't know what causes a thing like that. All I know is that I do love her very much, and now that she's in my life, I can't live without her. She loves me too, you know." "Yes I got that feeling..." He looked at me sadly. "But Jamie, I don't know if she'll live. She is doing better but whether she'll live or not is basically in a your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine state. What will you do if she dies?" I looked at the ground. I didn't know. I guess he could read the look on my face. "Can you promise me this? Whatever happens to her, you'll come back to the place I found? Even if she dies, you shouldn't be here by yourself anymore. There is nothing for you here, only disdain. So no matter what, will you promise to come back with me to California?" "I can't promise anything." I looked back up at him then. "I don't want to make desicions that surround Crystal's death until she might actually die. But if she is going to die soon, I'll give you my desicion afterwards. I can't give it now." He did nothing for a moment, and then nodded, accepting my answer. Then he gave me a weak smile. "I think it's only fair for you to know; I once dated Crystal." Now it was my turn for my eyes to go wide. "You did?" "Yes. It didn't last long, we soon found out that we were better off friends. I knew there was something about her, that she didn't like guys. But she never outright told me that she was a lesbian so I didn't say nething." "She didn't say anything about it either, but I think I have an answer anyway," I laughed, and he laughed too. Our laughter didn't last long, as the reality of the sad, sad situation sank back in. We were both silent for awhile. The silence wasn't that bad, though. It was actually kind of peaceful. Suddenly we both sat up, as a short scream came from upstairs. Panic filled me and for a second I didn't move. Thank goodness for Rob's reflexes; he was up and running in an instant. I followed soon after. He burst into Crytal's room, while I stood in the doorway, not wanting to get in his way. Crystal was wrapping her hands around her stomach and her face was contorted in pain. "What's wrong??" Rob demanded. "My stomach....God it hurts!" She grated. Rob looked around the room quickly and said to me, "Get a pan!" I kicked myself for not bringing one up earlier. I rushed downstairs, grabbed a large saucepan from the bottom cupboard and ran back upstairs with it. Before I could go into the room, Rob met me at the entrance, blocking my way into the room. He took the pan from me and said, "Thanks, now please, it's better I be left alone to..." I shoved by him and rushed to my love's bedside. Holding her head in my hands, I kissed her lips softly. Then I looked intently at her face and spoke firmly. "Crystal, honey can you hear me?" She barely opened her eyes in response, and she clenched her teeth together, grimacing in pain. "Honey listen to me. Remember what I said. Hold on to the hope there is!! I still have it!" Rob grabbed me and dragged me away from her, but I wasn't done shouting. "I still have it!!!!!" He practically threw me from the room and shut the door, and again I was alone while she suffered. Rage suddenly began to roar inside me, and I banged my Bbs Lolitas Pics fists against the wall, letting out a harsh growling cry from deep within my throat as I writhed in my anger. My blind foaming fury led me to the edge of the stairs, over the top, and I found my self flying head over heels. It seemed as though I were catapulting in slow motion, down the staircase. Away, farther and farther away from where Crystal was. I finally crashed on the bottom landing, and felt my head slam against the wall, and a suffocating darkness swallowed me whole.Did I say this was the final part? Whoops sorry. No, theres going to be just one more chapter to this story. Stay tuned!! Questions and/or comments are always welcome at Thanks for having so much patience!
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